japanese sake calories

Calorie of sake The calorie of sake varies depending on the alcohol content and amount. As a general guideline, the calories in sake are explained below.

Relationship between alcohol content and calories

The higher the alcohol content, the higher the calorie content of the drink. Sake generally has an alcohol content of around 15-20%, which is higher than other alcoholic beverages (e.g. around 5% of beer). Therefore, when comparing the same amount of sake with other low-alcohol beverages, sake may have more calories.

Approximate calories in sake

In general, the calorie content of sake is as follows. However, there may be slight differences depending on the brand and type.

1 go (180 ml) of regular sake: about 150-200 calories
1 go (180 ml) of low-alcohol sake (e.g. junmai sake): about 120-150 calories
1 go (180 ml) of special junmai sake or daiginjo sake: about 200-250 calories
Also, the calories in sake can be affected by ingredients other than alcohol. Calories may increase slightly if ingredients such as amino acids are also included, for example.

important point

The calorie content of sake varies depending on the amount and type of alcohol consumed, so if you want to know the exact calorie count, we recommend that you refer to the manufacturer’s information or official website.
It is important to drink in moderation. Consider the effects on your body when consuming alcohol, and try to keep it within an appropriate range.
The calorie content of sake varies depending on the alcohol content and type, so it is important to check the brand and manufacturer information for specific figures. It is important to keep the right amount, enjoy the deliciousness and stay healthy.