Chiyogiku, Hashima, Gifu

Chiyogiku is a sake brewing company headquartered in Takehana-cho, Hashima, Gifu Prefecture. Chiyogiku is the first to brew new Akita Komachi rice, a specially cultivated rice with fewer agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers grown in its hometown of Hashima, Gifu Prefecture, and offers freshly squeezed, unpasteurized sake with a fresh aroma and a fresh mouthfeel. Chiyogiku offers a wide variety of seasonal sake, including products sold year-round, and also sells freshly pressed, unpasteurized sake during the new sake season.

Available : Shop
Founded : 1738
Representative brand : Chiyogiku
Tel : 058-392-3510
Access : 7 min walk from Meitetsu Hashima Shiyakusyo Station
Business hours : 9:00-17:30
Regular holidays : Sat, Sun, national holidays
Online shop (International shipping may not be available.)