Master the world of sake! Drinking Guide for Beginners

Sake is loved by many people for its deep history and unique flavor. Even if you are a beginner, I will explain how to enjoy it without having specialized knowledge. In the previous article, we introduced how to store sake. This time, let’s add detailed information about how to drink sake.

How to choose a glass and the importance of temperature

To get the most out of sake, it is important to choose the right glass. Tokkuri and guinomi sake cups serve to enhance the aroma and taste of sake. The temperature of sake is also an important factor. There are three temperature zones: cold, room temperature, and warm, and you can enjoy different flavors at each temperature.

How to enjoy aroma and characteristics of taste

The aroma of sake is part of its personality, and you can enjoy the aroma by shaking the glass lightly. The aroma also changes depending on the temperature, so you can feel the difference by comparing cold, room temperature, and hot sake. Also, sake comes in various flavors such as sweet, dry, umami, and dry.

Enjoy compatibility with food

Sake is an alcoholic beverage that goes well with food. You can enjoy not only Japanese food, but also Western and Chinese food. It can bring out the flavor of food and create new flavors, so please enjoy its compatibility with meals.

There are some technical elements to how to drink sake, but even beginners can learn while having fun by trying them little by little. Please enjoy the profound world of sake by paying attention to the appropriate glass, temperature, aroma, taste, and compatibility with food. New discoveries and deliciousness will spread.

Points to deepen your enjoyment of sake

In the previous article, we touched on how to store sake, but in order to deepen your drinking experience, you should also consider the following points.

Taste and compare: By tasting and comparing multiple brands and types of sake, you can better understand their differences and individuality. If you try it at the same temperature and in the same glass, you will be able to clearly see the difference in taste.

Regional Characteristics: There are many sake breweries in Japan, and each region has its own characteristics. While learning about the regional characteristics and history of the sake brewery, one way to enjoy it is to enjoy sake that is unique to that region.

The story of the brewer: By learning the story of the sake brewer and brewery, you can feel the passion and process behind the sake. We recommend reading the information on the bottle and enjoying the background of the sake.

Have fun on your anniversary

Sake is also perfect for special occasions and events. By choosing and enjoying special brands on important days such as birthdays and anniversaries, you can create a wonderful and memorable moment for that day.

With gratitude

Sake is often used in situations to deepen exchanges and friendships with people. Having fun with friends, family and colleagues allows us to share gratitude and shared moments.

How to drink sake is a wonderful thing that you can enjoy without having specialized knowledge. By choosing the right glass and temperature, the aroma and taste, and enjoying the story behind the sake with a sense of gratitude, you will be able to enjoy sake even more. Find your own favorite style and enjoy the depth of sake.