Fujii Honke, Aisho, Shiga

Fujii Honke is a long-established sake brewer and distributor located in Aisho-cho, Echi County, Shiga Prefecture. The brewery has been brewing sake for the Shinmai Festival since 1945, using water from the Suzuka Mountains to brew white sake made from new rice, which is offered to the Imperial Court and shrines throughout Japan. Fujii Honke uses subsoil water from the Echi River, which originates in the Suzuka mountain range in the eastern side of Biwa Lake, and rice suitable for sake brewing from the Omi region, including Tamasakae, and is brewed by the Noto Toji master brewer using the best of his skills.

Available : Tasting, Restaurant, Brewery Tour, Shop
Founded : 1831
Representative brand : Kyokujitsu
Tel : 0749-42-2080
Access : 15 min walk from Omi Railway Echigawa Station
Tour reservation : https://www.fujiihonke.com/shop/enq202206010
Online shop (International shipping may not be available.)

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