Iinuma Honke, Shisui, Chiba

Iinuma Honke is a sake brewery in Shisui Town, Chiba Prefecture, with more than 300 years of history. Its flagship brand is Kinoene Masamune, which is made with groundwater from Shisui. The current president is the 15th generation owner Kichiro Iinuma. Iinuma Honke runs a direct sales store and a café in a curved house that was relocated from Niigata Prefecture. In addition to sake, shochu, liqueur and other products, they also sell sweets and accessories.

Available : Tasting, Restaurant, Brewery Tour, Shop
Founded :
Representative brand : Kinoene
Tel : 043-496-1111
Access : 10 min walk from Minami Shisui Station
Kura opening hours : 14:00
Tour reservation : Jalan.net
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