Inaten, Tenri, Nara

Inada Shuzo is a sake brewery in Tenri city, Nara Prefecture that was founded in 1877. It produces a brand called Kuromatsu Inaten, which is a light and dry sake. Inada Shuzo also handles the sacred sake of Tenrikyo, and received the name “Inaten” from the second Shinbashira Nakayama Masaoki. Inada Shuzo also makes and sells homemade Nara pickles, such as white melon and cucumber, which are popular.

Available : Tasting, Brewery Tour, Shop
Founded : 1877
Representative brand : Inaten
Tel : 0120-1710-54
Access : 9 min walk from Kintetsu Tenri Station
Tour reservation :
Business hours : 9:00~17:00
Regular holidays : Non-scheduled holidays
Online shop (International shipping may not be available.)

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