Kankoubai Sake Brewery, Tsu, Mie

Kankoubai Sake Brewery in Mie Prefecture is a historic sake brewery founded in 1854. The company brews mainly sake and ume (plum) wine, and most of the processes are carefully carried out by hand. Among the products of the Kankoubai Sake Brewery, the most popular is the [Spring Only] HARU Sake Usagi Junmai Ginjo. This sake, with its eye-catching label of a cute rabbit, is characterized by its refreshing aroma and clean taste.

Available : Shop
Founded : 1854
Representative brand : Kankoubai
Tel : 059-232-3005
Access : 14 min walk from Kintetsu Takadahonzan Station
Business hours : 10:00~17:00
Regular holidays : Sun, national holidays

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