Kawashima Shuzo, Takashima, Shiga

Kawashima Sake Brewery is a small sake brewery with a long history located in Shin Asahi-cho, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture. Founded in 1865, the brewery produces “Matsunohana,” a local Nishi-Omi sake. Located in a waterside satoyama overlooking Lake Biwa, the brewery’s treasures are said to be the scenery where nature and people of Harie come together. The brewery produces sake with a variety of flavors depending on the type of rice used and the degree of rice polishing, which can be purchased through its online store. The brewery also offers sake brewery tours, and is located a 7-minute walk from Shin Asahi Station on the JR Kosei Line.

Available : Brewery Tour, Shop
Founded : 1865
Representative brand : Matsunohana
Tel : 0740-25-2202
Access : 7 min walk from JR Shin-Asahi Station
Business hours : 9:00~17:00
Regular holidays : Non-scheduled holidays
Online shop (International shipping may not be available.)

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