Kayama-tei, DHC Shuzo, Niigata, Niigata

DHC Sake Brewery is a sake brewery that has been making sake for over 100 years in Kita Ward, Niigata City (formerly Toyosaka City). Currently, as a group company of cosmetics and health food DHC, we are passionately working on making delicious sake that is easy to get close to the younger generation. Part of the old main building of the brewery was renovated to open the sales office “Echigo no Sato Kazantei”. In addition to DHC Sake Brewery’s sake, you can also purchase various original goods and enjoy sake tasting at the elegant counter.

Available : Tasting, Shop
Founded : 1908
Representative brand : Kyama
Tel : 025-387-2025
Access : 15 min walk from JR Toyosaka Station
Business hours : 10:00-17:00
Regular holidays : Thu
Online shop (International shipping may not be available.)