Kitajima Brewery, Konan, Shiga

Kitajima Sake Brewery is a sake brewery located in Konan City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, founded in 1805 to produce “Miyosakae” and “Kitajima,” Omi’s local sake. The brewery uses subterranean water from the Suzuka Mountains for its brewing water, and is committed to traditional sake brewing as well as introducing a new world of sake. Sake brewery tours are not available, but the sake can be purchased through the online store. There are other attractions in Konan City. For example, the Lake Biwa Museum and Ishibe Shrine.

Available : Tasting, Shop
Founded : 1805
Representative brand : Kitajima
Tel : 0748-72-0012
Access : 10 min walk from JR Kosei Station
Business hours : 9:00~17:00
Regular holidays : Sun, national holidays

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