Michizakura Brewery, Higashikawa, Hokkaido

Michizakura Brewery is a sake brewery company located in Higashikawa town, Kamikawa district, Hokkaido. It was founded in 1877 in Nakatsugawa city, Gifu prefecture, but moved to Hokkaido in 2020. Higashikawa town is known for its rice cultivation using the subterranean water from Daisetsu mountain range, and chose Michizakura Brewery as a public-private partnership sake brewery . Michizakura Brewery aims to produce sake for the next hundred years.

Available : Shop
Founded : 1877
Representative brand : Michizakura Aiyama40
Tel : 0166-82-6631
Access : 30 min drive from JR Asahikawa Station
Business hours : 10:00~15:00
Regular holidays : Wed, Thu

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