Miyakobijin, Awaji, Hyogo

Miyakobijin Brewery is a sake brewery located in Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture. It was founded in 1945 by merging 10 breweries in the southern part of Awaji Island. The brand name “Miyakobijin” was originally a trademark of a sake brewer in Fushimi, Kyoto. Miyakobijin Brewery uses domestic rice to make safe and delicious sake. There are various types of sake, such as super dry junmai sake brewed with Gohyakumangoku rice and junmai daiginjo sake made with Yamadanishiki rice.

Available : Tasting, Brewery Tour, Shop
Founded : 1945
Representative brand : Miyako Bijin
Tel : 0799-42-0360
Access :
Tour reservation : Suspended as of Feb 20, 2023.

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