Otone Shuzo, Numata, Gunma

Otone Sake Brewery is a sake brewery founded in 1902 and located in Shirasawa-cho, Numata City. The company brews sake with local rice and water, producing brands such as “Sadaijin (Minister)” and “Kome (Rice)”. Otone Sake Brewery is offering a “Makuake” limited edition set of handcrafted, carefully brewed, unpasteurized sake. In addition, brewery tours and tastings are available.

Available : Brewery Tour, Tasting
Founded : 1902
Representative brand : Sadaijin
Tel : 0278-53-2334
Access :
Kura opening hours : 10:00~16:00
Tour reservation : http://www.sadaijin.co.jp/contact.php