Sake made in the northern land

What is Otokoyama?

Otokoyama is a Japanese sake born from the nature of Hokkaido.

We have inherited traditional brewing techniques that benefit from the blessings of the four seasons to the present day, and continue to take on new challenges while adapting to the changing times.Currently, approximately 40 types of products have been created.


Known as the official sake of the Edo shogunate, sake Otokoyama'' has been depicted in kabuki, joruri, and ukiyo-e. During the Edo period, Sanemon Yamamoto, a cotton merchant in Itami, Kansai, took the name from Otokoyama Hachimangu Shrine and created a sake with that name. Inheriting that tradition, today we at Otokoyama Co., Ltd. continue to make sake. The predecessor, Yamazaki Sake Brewery, was founded in Hokkaido in 1887, and in 1968 inherited the orthodoxOtokoyama” style from the Yamamoto family, the original “cotton shop.” Since then, we have been working on sake brewing that makes the most of the nature of Hokkaido, and continue to convey the taste of famous sake to the present age.


Daisetsuzan is counted as one of Japan’s 100 famous mountains. The underground water that gushes out from the eternal snow that never disappears throughout the year forms the basis of the flavor of Otokoyama. Here, the harsh and cold climate suitable for sake production, carefully selected rice suitable for sake brewing, and a commitment to the level of polishing of the rice combine to produce crisp, dry, and refreshing sake. While enjoying the deep flavor of rice, it has a light texture. We brew sake with great care year after year, seeking the flavor unique to Otokoyama. Here are the characteristics of Otokoyama Sake, which is a condensation of Hokkaido’s nature.