Terada Honke, Kozaki, Chiba

Terada Honke is a sake manufacturer located in Katori-gun, Chiba Prefecture. The company was founded in the Enpo era (1673-81) during the Edo period. All of the company’s sake is made from pesticide-free rice, with no additives of any kind, and all of the microorganisms are not purely cultured but fermented with bacteria from the brewery, and the sake is brewed by hand while dealing with the microorganisms. The company’s sake is also sold under the brand name “Shizen-shu Gonin Musume,” and its germinated brown rice sake “Musuhi” is also well known.

Available : Tasting, Restaurant, Brewery Tour
Founded : 1673-1681
Representative brand : Gonin Musume
Tel : 0478-72-2221
Access : 20 min walk from JR Shimousa Kozaki Station
Tour reservation : https://teradahonke-koji.peatix.com/
Business hours : 8:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
Regular holidays : Sat, Sun, national holidays (April to September), Sun, national holidays (October to March)
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