Watanabe Sahei, Nikko, Tochigi

Watanabe Sahei Shoten in Tochigi Prefecture is a sake brewing company founded in 1842, and its representative brand is Nikko Homare. It features junmai ginjo-shu made from the limpid, famous water at the foot of Mt. Nikko and raw materials from Tochigi. The brewery and its store are located in Imaichi, Nikko-shi, Tochigi Prefecture.

Available : Tasting, Brewery Tour, Shop
Founded : 1842
Representative brand : Nikko Homare
Tel : 0288-21-0007
Access : 8 min walk from JR/Tobu Imaichi Statiom
Kura opening hours : 9:00-16:00
Tour reservation : Jalan.net, Viator (Guide in English)

Reserve the brewery tour at Jalan.net.
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