Yachiyo Shuzo, Hagi, Yamaguchi

Yachiyo Shuzo is a sake brewery located in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and was founded in 1887. It is a small family-run brewery that produces only 150 koku per year. Using Yamada-Nishiki grown in-house, the brewery has been loved by the locals for 130 years without changing its traditional brewing methods. Yachiyo Junmai Daiginjo, a representative product of the Yachiyo Brewery, is sweet and rich, with a strong, robust flavor typical of traditional Japanese sake, and is characterized by its ability to pair well with strongly flavored ingredients. Yachiyo Shuzo has also launched a popular series called “ROOM,” the first attempt by a fifth-generation female toji, which has gained the support of the younger generation, both men and women.

Available : Tasting, Brewery Tour
Founded : 1887
Representative brand : Yachiyo
Tel : 08388-6-0221
Access :
Kura opening hours : 9:00-17:00
Tour reservation : Yachiyo Shuzo website, Viator (Guide in English)
Regular holidays : New year and summer holidays
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By Jim Rion
Published on 2022-11-22

This book is the first of its kind, a deep-dive into a single sake-producing region to highlight its delicious brews as well as the people, land, and culture behind them. Brewing in Yamaguchi — in southern Honshu, Japan — reflects the whole history of sake in Japan, from boom to bust to resurgence, and many of its brands, including the fabled Dassai, are now at izakaya and fine restaurants around the world. Expert Jim Rion takes us on a tour of all 23 Yamaguchi breweries to introduce the character of each and its brewmasters’ best picks. Along the way he provides background on such topics as rice farmers, drinkware, brewing methods, and the controversy over sake “terroir” (does it exist?). An added bonus for travelers is a mini sightseeing guide to the region and its many delights. Illustrated with photographs and quick-reference sake labels.